Trigon 190

Trigon 190

Proposal for setting up a Trigon Aquarium

Example: Trigon - 100 cm
Before starting please read the instruction manual carefully.

With the Juwel Structured Background you can enhance the decorative charm of your aquarium. The Structured background is available as an accessory from your local JUWEL stockist and should be installed before decorating the aquarium.

Gravel and decoration material should only be used from your aquatic retailer. Please follow their advice on preparing decoration materials.

Prepare the Juwel Filter System following the instruction manual. Please connect all electrical components to the power supply only after having set up the aquarium.

Arrangement tips

First place the gravel in the aquarium.
Then arrange the stones as illustrated in order to give varying levels of gravel ready for planting.

Arranging the plants, part I
(illustrated in light green)

Carefully prepare the plants by removing baskets and lead strips etc., and trim the roots back to 1 cm. Fasten the plants No.10 on the wooden root using a nylon string before you put them into the aquarium.
It is easier to plant the small plants before filling the aquarium with any water.

When arranging the plants be careful not to damage the roots.

Filling the aquarium, part I

Carefully fill the aquarium through the filter box using very slow pressure to avoid disturbing plants and decoration. The water should be slightly warm. Fill the aquarium to within 5 cm of the maximum fill line (see "water level" sticker) at first in order to allow for completion of the décor in second step.

Arranging the plants, part II
(illustrated in dark green)

Now arrange the tall plants.

Filling the aquarium, part II

Now fill the aquarium to the specified water level line. Remove loose plant pieces with a net. Ensure that all filter inlets are clear. Now switch on the pump, heater thermostat and lighting.


Lighting is best controlled with a timer in order to give a constant period of light to the plants.
For advice on species of fish and treatments please contact your specialist retailer.

1. Rocks
2. Echinodurus
3. Lysimachia nummularia
4. Rotala macranda
5. Vesicularia dubyana
6. Ceratopteris thalictroides

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